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posted by MILTON: That’s great!!! We are planning to meet at “La Casa del Mojito” next month, I’ll post the information when we have a date.


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About Russ:
I was born in Oklahoma and raised on Guam,
and lived there for 28 years… I love to travel and
have lived in Japan, Korea and India (Mumbai).
I moved to Washington in 2002 and consider
this to be my home and have placed my roots
in Renton.
I met my wife in India and we just celebrated 6 years
of bliss. Our anniversary gift to each other was the
Landmark Forum. We attended it together and made
some wonderful break throughs in our communication.
I operate a real estate office and am passionate about
helping people succeed in their real estate investments.
I also produce a real estate radio show on Saturdays on
AM 570 from 10 to 12 noon.
My desire is to write and publish an inspiring book about
growing up on Guam and all my other adventures abroad.
My strong suits are…
I am a risk taker, funny, and am impulsive.
How these have affected me: sometimes I take unnecessary risks;
make inappropriate jokes; and have acted without thinking first.
How these have benefited me: I can be bold and daring; humor
keeps me optimistic; I leap through windows of opportunity.
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